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AP Historical Thinking Skills: An Overview for Teachers

Well, the school year has started, and people are anxious about the new historical thinking skills unveiled by the College Board earlier this month. Let’s face it, teaching the content is hard enough,… Continue reading

Who Was John Calvin?

Here is my latest video. John Calvin may have been the most influential figure of the Protestant Reformation. He not only codified a reformed church, but he laid the foundation for the spread of… Continue reading

My New Web Site!!

I’ve been out of commission for a few days, because I’ve been creating a web site for my classes to use this year. My goal has been to make the content more engaging… Continue reading

What Was Renaissance Art?

This video is about the role of art in the Renaissance. In it, I introduce the new techniques developed by artists of the time and highlight the Italian Renaissance, High Renaissance, and Northern… Continue reading

What Made the Printing Press So Important?

Information is everywhere. Modern technology allows us to instantly access the combined knowledge of the entire world on tiny devices in the palm of our hands. Well, maybe we’re not quite there yet,… Continue reading

The Fountain of Youth

Tourism is a wonderful thing! Yesterday I had the opportunity to visit the fabled fountain of youth. The site commemorates Ponce de Leon’s 1513 expedition to Florida, and his discovery of the fountain.… Continue reading

Teaching History Thematically

Today’s theme: the return of U.S. dominance in Women’s World Cup soccer. After 16 years, the trophy is coming home. But what caused tonight’s historic win? The plethora of developmental soccer programs at… Continue reading

The Fourth of July Is Almost Here!

It’s a time to celebrate the ideals that formed the foundation of the United States, the people who wrote down those ideals, and the ways those ideals have changed over time.

What Was Civic Humanism?

One of my strategies to better engage students is through the use of video. In a short time, I can get across a great deal of information, provide visual support, and, quite frankly,… Continue reading

Historical Thinking Skills on the Euro Exam

I’ve written much lately about the decisions history teachers have to make when balancing breadth and depth of knowledge. Well, folks, it’s not just about knowledge any more. The new AP European History… Continue reading