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Education in the Shadow of Violence

This nation has been here before, facing the aftermath of an unspeakable act of wanton violence and hatred. The shootings in Florida have destroyed families, scarred children, and left another indelible mark on… Continue reading

Evaluating the AP Euro Redesign

I’ve been busy the past few weeks. Change is always nerve-wracking, but I try to view change as an opportunity to improve things. Moving is a good chance to purge old things from… Continue reading

Are Test Scores Good Indicators of Learning?

Education today is dominated by the test. Standardized state tests are everywhere, teacher-created tests dot the scholastic calendar, and high-stakes tests, like the SAT and AP tests, can make or break students’ hopes… Continue reading

Teaching History Thematically

Today’s theme: the return of U.S. dominance in Women’s World Cup soccer. After 16 years, the trophy is coming home. But what caused tonight’s historic win? The plethora of developmental soccer programs at… Continue reading

Daily Changes to the AP Euro Redesign

That is, we can spend all the time in the world creating, tweaking, and perfecting our plan of attack, but if Paris doesn’t fall in six weeks, the plan is a failure.

Historical Thinking Skills and the Teaching of the Past

As a history teacher, I have always struggled with how to best spark a love of the subject in my students. When I was a new teacher, I wanted to tell them the… Continue reading

Flipping the AP European History Classroom

If you haven’t heard, AP European History is undergoing a curriculum redesign to be implemented in the fall. The new curriculum divides history into four periods, each of which has a number of… Continue reading